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January 6th 2021: Important update regarding assessment arrangements

Following discussions with Qualifications Wales, we have received confirmation that in Summer 2021 external assessments for the following qualifications will take place in a ‘window’ in line with arrangements being put in place for general qualifications:

5962U50-1/  5962U60-1 Level 2 Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development: Practice and Theory
Group D: Understanding Children's Care, Play, Learning and Development
4963U80-1/ 4963U90-1 Level 3 Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development: Practice and Theory
Unit 330: Principles and theories that influence children's care, play, learning and development in the 21st century in Wales
5972UA0-1/ 5972UB0-1 Level 2 Health and Social Care: Principles and Contexts
Unit 1: Promoting health and well-being throughout the life stages
4973UA0-1/ 4973UB0-1 Level 3 Health and Social Care: Principles and Contexts
Unit 2: Factors affecting individuals’ growth and development across the lifespan and how this impacts on outcomes, care and support needs

It is our intention that these examinations will be held between 17 May and 14 June.  Centres will be invited to comment on this proposal through a short on-line survey.

Following Kirsty Williams’ announcement yesterday (4 January 2021) that schools and colleges will not reopen until 18 January 2021 except for vulnerable children, children of critical workers and learners who need to complete essential exams or assessments, we can confirm that Qualifications Wales has agreed that the January 2021 exams for the above units will continue as planned for learners who were unhappy with the centre assessment grade awarded in Summer 2020 and/or those who are ready for assessment. To support learners with their final preparations for the January examinations, we have released advance notice of some of the topics which will be covered in the exams. This information can be located on our secure website under the Resources/Pre-release section.

Non-examination assessments will continue to form part of the assessment in Summer 2021. Adaptations to the non-examination assessments have been published on the Health Care Learning Wales website. Centres should ensure that they refer to the most recent information on these adaptations.

We are aware that these recent decisions may impact on your entry intentions. We can confirm that late fees and amendment fees are being waived for the January series. Centres are able to make amendments to their entries up to and including 20 January 2021 without incurring additional fees. Centres will be charged the standard entry fee for any candidate that has an entry as at 21 January 2021.

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