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Level 4

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As part of the Level 4 and 5 QW Health and Social Care and Childcare qualifications, all learners will need to complete an External Assessment and in order to do this, learners will need to be registered on the Pro platform, as opposed to Walled Garden. We have developed a video ’Getting started with Pro’ to advise you how to create users in the Pro platform, as well as how to register learners for these qualifications.

Further support materials are available in Pro under the Welsh Qualifications tab and if you have any further questions on this, please email:’.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification aims to develop the knowledge, understanding, behaviours and skills that underpin the role of social services practitioner. 

This qualification has been developed in close collaboration with key sector stakeholders, including Social Care Wales and Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW).

This qualification is practice-based and assesses learners’ knowledge and practice. It is designed for learners in work-based learning, further education and higher education.

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification will allow learners to develop the knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of social services practitioner.

Qualification structure

To achieve the Level 4 Social Services Practitioner qualification, learners must achieve a minimum of 120 credits from the Mandatory group.

440 Understanding legislation in the context of the Social Services Practitioner role
441 Professional practice
442 Understanding theories and models and their relationship to person/child centred practice and rights based approaches
443 Understanding factors that contribute to individuals and/or carers needing care and support

Support the assessment and care and support planning process


Safeguarding individuals


Candidates must successfully complete:

  • a portfolio of evidence
  • direct observations of practice
  • a reflective account of practice
  • an account related to legislation
  • a professional discussion

The assessments have been designed for candidates to show their knowledge, understanding and skills of the mandatory content. The assessments cover a range of written elements to reflect knowledge and understanding, as well as practice elements that include the direct observation of learner practice to confirm their competence in the practical skills required.

What could the qualification lead to?

The qualification allows learners to progress within employment or further study at a higher level subject to individual HEI admission policies 

For more information on requirements to work within the Health and Social Care sector, including specific job roles, refer to the ‘Qualification framework for social care and regulated childcare in Wales’ which can be accessed on the Social Care Wales’ website.

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Key Documents

Qualification Handbook

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Course Materials

Level 4 Social Services Practitioner - Centre Readiness Delegate Pack

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